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Where to Buy Cloth Face Mask PPE

Where to Buy Cloth Face Mask PPE
face masks ppe for covid-19

Big Bug Out is proud to announce it’s partnership with Invisible Defender.

We now have a direct supply chain for reusable cloth face masks and gown PPEs. Why is this important? Leaders all over the world are requiring their citizens to wear masks in public to combat the rapid spread of the coronavirus we face today. Most recently, our Federal Government publicly recommended masks FOR ALL to slow or stop the spread of this virus. 

To support this demand, we connect those in need of masks – everyone – with the DMS Coalition. All unified in a mission for #Masks4All. #InvisibleDefender

Governments Are Requiring People To Wear Face Masks to Slow The Spread of COVID-19

The Czech Republic imposed a face mask requirement which drastically reduced the spread of the coronavirus in their country. 

It’s recommended that people stand 6 feet away from each other. But this is just a minimum recommendation as most states are in lock down and required to stay home. As people in the United States start to realize and understand how easily the COVID-19 coronavirus can spread, they are taking measures to protect themselves and this includes 

Belgian-Dutch Study: Why in times of COVID-19 you can not walk/run/bike close to each other.

Many are scrambling to make home-made face masks in hopes they will help protect against COVID-19 but many of these masks are using suboptimal materials that may not offer any protection against micro droplets whatsoever. 

City Governments Are Looking For Face Mask Supply Chains

What makes Invisible Defender such a valuable resource right now is that they’re producing 50,000+ masks per day. Although it’s a first come first serve basis, city governments finance and purchasing departments are scrambling to figure out who can actually deliver supplies when they need them. 

Similarly it’s good to know that if you order a case of masks or gowns, you will receive them when many companies simply cannot keep up with face mask demand. Invisible Defender has found 12 different factories to produce face masks for their supply chain. 

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